About...  Chuck Caplinger

    As a creative fine artist, working primarily in oils, Chuck Caplinger has received a wide variety of commissions, giving him the opportunity to explore and express his talents.

    A native Texan of German and Cherokee Indian heritage, Chuck relocated to California in 1980, where he now operates Caplinger Studio in Hollywood.

    His painting history contains many commissioned murals in California, Texas, Florida, & Georgia, (including the Victory Parade mural in 29 Palms). He is also responsible for commissioned portraits of Sammy Davis Jr., Wiilie Nelson, Rich Little, Mitzi Gaynor, and numerous others. His portrait of Dr. Herman Oberth - Germany's “Father of Rocketry” was featured in Time Magazine, and is now permanently exhibited in Germany.

    His work has been shown at galleries throughout Southern CA, and includes special showings in Hollywood. Chuck has also worked as Art Director for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, and as a designer and illustrator of movie posters for Lone Star Pictures.

    Chuck is currently establishing an artist colony in 29 Palms called “Desert Art Center” and continues to work on his ongoing series of California Desert Scenes entitled 'DESERT GOTHIC,' and 'HOLLYWOOD FACES,' an impressionistic view of individual people in their Hollywood environment.

    The photos in this gallery were taken by Chuck in preparation for a painting project he is currently working on with an “Old Western Theme.”

    He is a member of the Hollywood Arts Council and the 29 Palms Art Guild.

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If you wish to purchase any photographs or commission artwork, please contact Chuck at: (760) 361-2305 or write to:
PO Box 1678 (74655 Wellock Road), 29 Palms, CA 92277



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