On the Oasis of Mara
73950 Inn Avenue, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277
Phone (760) 367-3505  FAX (760) 367-4425
email: theoasis@29palmsinn.com

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Depending on the event location you may be required to rent the cabins or cottages
in close proximity. 

For full details and to get started on planning on your private event with us at
the 29 Palms Inn please contact our Events Coordinator at (760) 367-3505 or through
email at catering@29palmsinn.com
Wedding Ceremony set up around pond 29 Palms Inn

The Lawn

Accommodates groups ranging from 75 to 200 guests
A beautiful open space on the edge of the majestic palm oasis.

The Tent

Accommodates groups ranging from 30-70 guests

The Courtyard at Irene's Historic Adobe

Accommodates groups ranging from 20 - 50 guests
An intimate gathering site for groups in the cloistered courtyard area.

The Guest House Patio

Accommodates groups ranging from 20 - 50 guests
A secluded enclose patio off a covered portico.
A convenient gathering space adjacent to the dining room and pool area.
AV equipment available to rent for use in the Tent: Projector & Screen,
Microphone, Amplifier and Speakers.
Covered event tent 29 Palms Inn
Private Family Function in Irene's Courtyard 29 Palms Inn
If you're thinking about planning your wedding at the 29 Palms Inn be sure to check
out our interactive street view tour where you'll be able to see the lawn area set up
for a wedding ceremony & reception.
The Guest House Event Space at 29 Palms Inn
Private Event Locations
The 29 Palms Inn offers a variety of event locations that are sure to enhance the experience of your
special occasion or celebration, whether it is a large formal event or small intimate gathering.
The natural beauty of the Oasis of the Mara as a backdrop combined with the rustic charm of the Inn
make for a truly unique experience. Our professional catering & events team will help you plan a one
of a kind event.
Oasis of Mara by Chuck Caplinger

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