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    Charles Teel, a native of West Virginia, has several years of experience in various fields of photography. He is retired from the United States Marine Corps, where early in his career, he was a Interpreter of aerial photography/imagery. In other assignments in the Marine Corps he received training in surveillance photography and black and white film processing and printing. In the early 1970's he built a home darkroom to pursue his hobby. While working as a deputy sheriff, he did documentary photography and utilized his background to do almost all his own crime scene photography.

    Since retiring from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in 1992, Teel resides in Joshua Tree, California, and is beginning his third career/“childhood” in nature photography while teaching criminal justice classes at the local community college.

    He has attended several nature photography seminars. He has exhibited in juried shows, shared twin billing in a two person show, and has been published in local magazines and newspapers. His photographs have been sold across the United States, California, and the local area.

    After an 18 month interruption to obtain a Master of Forensic Science Degree, he says it's a pleasure to be photographing things of beauty now. His love of nature can be seen in the delicate textures of his landscapes, wildflowers and in the beauty of nature's colors that he captures on film.

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If you wish to purchase any photographs or commission artwork, please contact Charlie at: (760) 366-3719, or write to:
Charles L. Teel, Jr., P.O. Box 1711, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, or E-mail here:


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