About the artist...   Ellie Tyler

    Award winning nature photographer, Ellie Tyler, grew up with an appreciation of the natural world. Since 1979, Ellie has been intent on creating “visual poems ” of what she defines as “the abundant beauty and serene simplicity of the natural word ”.

    In recent years, she has turned her talents to the southwestern landscapes and in her typical bold, clean style, presents dramatic images of this desert region. Most of her work is completed in the early morning or late afternoon hours when the light in this arid environment is at its most dynamic and brilliant. Yet, each image is washed and wrapped in serenity.

    Ellie states, “I never manipulate an image beyond perhaps the addition of simple filtration in the field. Otherwise, it becomes obviously unreal and distorted which, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of nature photography. That is to say, nature photography to me is the art of seeing what is real and applying the skills of the craft to creating order out of chaos - a sense of ordered beauty”.

    Ellie has been exhibited and published widely. She enjoys teaching her craft and conducts both classes and workshops throughout the Southwest. Other times, she travels across the nation making images which have graced the home and offices of her many patrons.

    Ellie has studied and worked with some of the best names in outdoor photography including: David Muench, Carr Clifton, Tom Till, Kathleen Noris-Cook, John Ward, Willard Clay.... Within the last five years, Ellie has been concentrating on fine art photographic prints (Cibachromes). These one-of-a-kind pieces are a great joy to live with. They enhance any environment with an air of quiet dignity. “People have often told me that my work is easy to live with. The explain that they never get tired of a particular piece. This tells me that I'm doing something right and that they appreciate their purchase. ”

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If you wish to purchase any photographs from Ellie or commission her to take special pictures for you
please contact her at: (760) 366-8019, or write to:

Earth Images
6785 Saddleback Rd., Joshua Tree, CA 92252


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