On the Oasis of Mara
73950 Inn Avenue, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277
Phone (760) 367-3505  FAX (760) 367-4425
email: theoasis@29palmsinn.com

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29 Palms Inn

Welcome to the 29 Palms Inn

Your Gateway to Joshua Tree National Park

and the Mojave Preserve

The 29 Palms Inn is situated on the 9,000 year old Oasis of Mara and surrounded
by the vast Mojave Desert looking up to Joshua Tree National Park, California.

The Resort

Across our 70-acre property beside the Joshua Tree National Park you’ll find plenty of room to roam
and relax. Rather than be dazzled by man’s accomplishments, you’ll be bewildered by natures. You
will eat, sleep, and breathe better than you have in years. Our place is dedicated
to the art of relaxation.

Stay in an authentic 1930’s Adobe Bungalow with a fireplace and sun patio, a 1920’s Wood Frame
Cabin with walk out decks and private backyards, or one of our large guesthouses. Although no two
guest quarters are alike, all promise comfort, relaxation and beautiful desert views.

Enjoy a drink by the pool. Dine at our restaurant. Explore our organic garden. Lounge with a
good book in a hammock. Watch the sunset and contemplate the magnificent Milky Way.
Explore your artistic side with a workshop at the on-site 29 Palms Inn Creative Center.
The Mojave Desert - One of the world’s 100 most beautiful places
and unforgettable destinations

The Mojave National Preserve - One of the world’s 100 best secret
journeys and hidden adventures
Come and see for yourself why in 2013 the Mojave Desert was recognized by National Geographic
in two special travel issues:
"The 29 Palms Inn lived up to its reputation as a Zenlike escape" - Washington Post

Rated by Sunset Magazine as one of the "50 Best Bargain Hotels in the West"

"The 29 Palms Inn is a prime haven" - LA Times

"While decidedly more rustic than glamour, the vibe is absolutely soulful. It's just the place to turn on,
tune in, and drop out." - Stephen Zeigler, CommonThread.com
Meet Jane Smith, Inn proprietor and tour the grounds of
the 29 Palms Inn
29 Palms Inn Gateway to Joshua Tree National Park
Mojave Desert - One of the worlds most beautiful places
Oasis of Mara by Chuck Caplinger

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