On the Oasis of Mara
73950 Inn Avenue, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277
Phone (760) 367-3505  FAX (760) 367-4425
email: theoasis@29palmsinn.com

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Map Of the Grounds
29 Palms Inn Property Map of the Grounds
West End Cottage
Faultline Farm
29 Palms Creative Center & Art Gallery
Tidy Tips Adobe
Hyacinth Adobe
Hyacinth Adobe
Goldenbush Adobe
Goldenbush Adobe
Hermitage Cabin
Hermitage Cabin
Forget Me Not Adobe
Forget Me Not Adobe
Old Frame 1 & 2 Cabin
Faultline Cabin
Gold Park Cabin
The Penthouse
Cabin Z
Cabin Y
Cabin X
Encelia Adobe
Dandelion Adobe
Chinweed Adobe
Chinchweed Adobe
Buffalo Burr
Buffalo Burr Adobe
Apache Plume Adobe
Apache Plume Adobe
The Guest House
The Guest House
The 29 Palms Art Gallery
Irene's Historic Adobe
Irene's Historic Adobe
Bottle Room Adobe
Dark Room Adobe
Dark Room Adobe
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The Restaurant at the Inn
You can also tour the grounds at the 29 Palms Inn with Google Street View:
29 Palms Old Schoolhouse Museum
The Lawn
Oasis of Mara by Chuck Caplinger

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Listed below are two other great local attractions and places we recommend you visit during your
stay with us that are not on the map, but all within a short walking distance from the Inn. Also be sure
to check out our Links to Local Attractions page.
Walk over to Theater 29 for a live show
Theatre 29
Community theater providing quality, family-oriented
entertainment. Live theater shows every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
73637 Sullivan Road, Twentynine Palms, CA. (760) 361-4151
Willow Tree Dance Studio
Offering children's dance and tumbling classes, as well as a
variety of adult classes such as yoga, pilates and zumba.
73395 Sullivan Road, Twentynine Palms, CA (760) 361-3080
Joshua Tree National Park Visitors Center