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On the Oasis of Mara
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The 29 Palms Inn is located on the only privately owned natural Oasis in the High Desert - The
Oasis of Mara - which it shares with the Joshua Tree National Park Headquarters. The Oasis of
Mara is a cornerstone of the Joshua Tree National Park story. A source of life-giving water for
thousands of years, the oasis was first settled by the Serrano Indians who named it "Mara",
meaning "place of little springs and much grass". Today the oasis area is home to Joshua Tree
National Park Headquarters and Oasis Visitor Center, plus several cultural venues including the
29 Palms Creative Center & Gallery.

The last remaining oasis pond is located at the 29 Palms Inn which continues to sustain a
diverse family of wildlife and migratory birds. Guests at the Inn can enjoy free nature walks on
weekend mornings and learn more about the natural and cultural history of the oasis. The Oasis
Trail connects you directly from the Inn's property to the park's visitor center.